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Completed Projects

Northstar 2021 Fuels Reduction Project
July 2021

G4 was the consulting California Licensed Timber Operator for the Northstar Fuels Reduction Project of 2021.


Campfire Project
Nov. 2020-Nov.2021

G4 created the Health and Safety Plan for CERES Forestry and did the on-boarding for the Camp Fire Hazard Tree Removal Project, which aided in clean-up from the Camp Fire in Paradise Valley.


Calwood Fire Aerial Mulching Project
March 2021 - August 2021

G4  served as a subcontractor for the Calwood Aerial Mulching Project for R&R Conner, creating the Health and Safety Program (HASP), as well as assisting with project management
securing local subcontractors, supplying field personnel for safety and quality control.


AirPure2100 FEMA Grant

G4 assisted with a FEMA Grant available to non-profits that provided the AirPure2100 for FREE. G4 helped with the process from start to finish.

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